Unclogging of sewer drain

Emergency 24-hour water damage plumber 24/7 experienced in sewer drain unclogging. Don’t call elsewhere, we have solutions to all types of drain unclogging problems. Absolute drain cleaning, for an absolute solution!

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Smoke test

At Absolute drain cleaning, a smoke test is required when you hear rats making noises in your home. The smoke test consists of sending a large amount of non-toxic smoke into the plumbing pipes to locate the exact location of the rats or other types of rodents and bad odors. Experienced smoke testers will tell you what to do next.


Camera inspection

The plumbers will discover the real source of the problem during the inspection by camera then it will remain only to unblock or repair the breakages.

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The Gen-Eye POD Inspection Camera and Lightweight MINI-POD combine camera, retractor and monitor in one all-in-one package. You get a large 7 “LCD color monitor protected by a padded case. It is mounted on a sturdy but flexible gooseneck that swings to give you the best viewing angle, wherever you are. Leveling camera and 200ft of Gel -Rod for troubleshooting 3 “to 10” waste pipes. The sturdy steel frame can be used vertically or horizontally, allowing you to handle almost any application. A video output connection allows you to record on an external device.

Expertise report for municipalities

 Absolute drain cleaning plumbing, know exactly how to proceed as required by the municipalities in case of persistent problems with defective, broken and collapsed sewers that cause sewage backups in your properties. The municipality will tell you to have the sewer unclogged by a real plumber to begin with so that a visible camera inspection can be done.

The municipality will give you special report sheets to be filled out by your plumbing company’s plumber who specializes in unclogging and cleaning sewer drains. The municipality will tell you to bring them a video recording of the work done by a plumber according to their criteria including many relevant details. The municipality will consider all the documents, the video of the camera inspection, the city will then send their technician to examine, verify their part of responsibility. After the homeowner has made a request to the city to correct the problem, if it is found that the municipality is responsible for most or all the sewage back-up problems, the city will make an agreement with the homeowner to repair the exterior sewer line to the street.

Expertise for insurance companies

For complex plumbing problems, the plumber will come to visually inspect the place first. According to the result of his investigation he will make an inspection by camera and probably an unclogging of sewer drains. Finally, an excavation team will take over. Emergency 24-hour water damage plumber 24/7 plumber experts in sewer drain unclogging.

High pressure water cleaning

Gutters collect the rain as it flows off your roof, and that rain goes down the French drain. Your French drains are your only line of defense against groundwater and the damage it can cause to your basement, lawn, garden, breezeway or driveway. Although French drains are generally low maintenance, annual maintenance is necessary to prevent clogging from dirt, sediment and other foreign objects. Absolute drain cleaning offers high pressure drain cleaning services 365 days a year to quickly and efficiently clean French drains for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. Absolute drain cleaning plumbing does high pressure water jet drain cleaning of water damage in your basement.

French drain cleaning
with high pressure water

A French drain lasts about 30 years, but this can be shortened considerably if it has been improperly installed, is clogged, damaged or has an iron ochre problem. We check the French drain with a camera, the camera inspection is required to determine the condition of your French drain and whether it should simply be cleaned with high pressure water or at least changed. A malfunctioning French drain can cause a problem with efficiency or water infiltration. We can then determine if the drain really needs to be replaced or if we can simply clean it with high pressure water.